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The accurate calculation and timely payment of taxes is all part of running an efficient business. Whether the matter in question is corporation tax for companies, income tax for sole traders and individuals or PAYE as part of your employer’s obligations, it is important that the correct sums are paid when due.            

Boro Management Services (BMS) taxation services can help both with the relevant calculations and advise you when each is due for payment in plenty of for you to organise the transfer.

Of course, there are situations, particularly for new businesses, when tax might need to be refunded. There are numerous reliefs and allowances available, and it is essential that these are used at the appropriate time in order to ensure that tax is not overpaid.

BMS Accountants are well versed with where various allowances can be used and the appropriate times to utilise them. We believe that by gaining a full understanding of your circumstances, we are then best able to present you with good advice.

Utilise our expertise of our taxation services department and be confident that we are working hard to provide you with advice which can help your business.


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