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Our Philosophy

Our Vision Statement:

To be the preferred outsourced financial and business advisory provider serving SMEs in East Africa


Our Mission Statement:

To consistently deliver professional services beyond our clients' expectations for timely decision making.

We promote a collaborative culture for our employees, are committed to the communities in which we operate, and continue to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit that is the foundation of our organization


Our Core Values:

At BHL, we ensure our service offer is unmatched by going the extra mile for our client.
We believe in:

  1. Pursuit of Excellence: We maintain a passion for life-long learning, for implementing meaningful change, for encouraging talent, for rewarding courage and innovation, and for anticipation and fulfillment of our clients' unexpressed expectations.
  2. Valuing Others: We treat individuals and our clients with care, respect, dignity and fairness.
  3. Authenticity & Integrity: We realize that our own personal authenticity and integrity must form the foundation of valid and meaningful human interaction.
  4. Responsibility For Leadership: We understand and accept our duty for leadership in the discipline for which our client rely upon our expertise and judgement for guidance, insight, perspective and direction.
  5. Resourcefulness: We look beyond traditional thinking when we face new challenges to create innovative solutions, strategies and opportunities for our clients.
  6. Flexible: We aim to service you at a time and place suitable to you.
  7. Empowering: Keeping you in charge is our priority.

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