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Boro Real Estate

We are a specialist residential and commercial rent collection agency covering Nairobi, Mombasa and other major towns in Kenya.

Drawing on our extensive local knowledge, we aim to provide a comprehensive level of customer care to both landlords and tenants.

Our Services

Most of our clients are letting a property or properties for convenience, income or both. They are looking for a proper financial reward without the worry of close involvement. At the same time they want to be assured that they have not lost control of their property.

Boro Real Estate’s ‘Rent Collection’ service offered is designed to meet these objectives in every detail.

Find a Tenant/Let Only

Visit and Agree Rental Value

We like to visit your property to take details of the accommodation and agree a rental figure. Rents should include ground rents or service charges. We answer any questions you may have.

Find a Tenant, Accompany Viewings, Check References

To find your tenant we check our ‘Tenants Waiting’ list, use advertising and ‘To Let’ boards. We meet prospective tenants at the property to get to know them. Interested tenants are given an application form. When completed, details of their move in are agreed with you. We obtain names of referees. If the referee gives a report that is less than favorable, we require the tenant to give a guarantor – who must also be referenced and approved by us. We do all that can be done to ensure that properties in our care are not let to unsuitable applicants.

Notices, Agreements and Inventories

We can arrange an Inventory/Schedule of Condition. We prepare the tenancy agreements required.

Move Tenant In, Collect Rent and Deposit, Read Meters

On the day of the tenant’s move in we meet the tenant at the property and read the meters. The tenant signs both the Tenancy Agreement and Inventory/Schedule of condition. We collect the deposit and the first rent payment. We request that the tenant pays future rent by standing order.

Transfer Domestic Utilities

After the tenant has moved in we confirm to you that all went satisfactorily. We notify the water and electricity companies of the new tenant’s details, whilst arranging final accounts for the last occupant. If ‘Find a Tenant’ is all that you have commissioned us to do, this completes our service to you and your tenant, except for the following:

Deposit and Rent Payment

At the beginning of the tenancy we pass over the rent received less our commission and any agreed charges. We hold the deposit safely until the termination of the tenancy.

Tenancy Ending

As a matter of courtesy, we write to you towards the end of the tenancy. We can, on your instruction, arrange to negotiate an extended Tenancy Agreement with your tenant or, if you prefer, we can give two months’ notice and find a new tenant for you.

Post Letting

We can offer the following additional services:
Tenant Move Out
We would arrange to meet the tenant, read the meters, if appropriate. We would collect keys, and leave the property secure. As appropriate we would transfer domestic utilities to the new tenant or to you. Arrange for final accounts to be sent on to the outgoing tenant. Remind the tenant to cancel the telephone and to redirect their mail.

Inventory Checking
We can also arrange to check the Inventory/Schedule of Condition and provide you with a report to enable you to agree dilapidations with the tenant before the return of their deposit.

Regular Rents
Our tenants are normally regular payers and we have few problems in this area. Any non-payment, for any reason, is quickly obvious and rigorously pursued. Any difficulties receive personal attention.

Safe Remittance
Rents are safely paid into your nominated bank or building society account, unless you prefer us to send you a cheque.

Clear Records
Our monthly statements keep you fully informed, detailing rent due and collected from your tenant. It also shows your income and expenditure along with the amount sent to your bank.

We Promise You


We provide the best professional advice to landlords on recommended type of tenancy, achievable rent; key inventory requirements and screening of prospective tenants. We also assist and advise prospective tenants on selecting the right property for their specific needs.


We endeavour to let a property quickly and ensure, prompt payment of rent to landlords. Providing a 24-hours contact service via answer-phone, and e-mail. Utilising the best form of media to inform prospective tenants of the property letting register.


Our aim is to provide: a high standard of Tenant Assessment, regular certified electrical checks and routine inspections of properties to the requirements of a comprehensive check list.


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