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Debt Collection Services

With businesses looking for improved bottom line performance, better account receivables management, collections is a key focus area along with timely and accurate billing for organizations across industries. An effective collections strategy:

  • Increases receivables recovery rates
  • Reduces bad debts
  • Rationalizes cost through streamlined collections process

Minding your business……is our business

Our Collections Approach

BMS has leveraged best in class training and technology while adhering to regulatory requirements. This helps to deliver results that exceed our clients’ expectations. We offer solutions that reduce costs, increase profitability and dramatically increase the receivables recovered. Our collections practice provides:

  • Strict adherence to legal and regulatory framework involving third party collections and debt recovery.
  • Increased response rate from delinquent customers.
  • Increased inflow of payments helped by multi-channeled collections strategy.
  • Mitigating write-offs by efficient accounts receivables management.
  • A strong focus on delivery with a qualified operations team.

Our Methodology:

Placement of Accounts: BMS can begin immediately to recover your delinquent account receivables. To place accounts for debt collection, simply fill in the attached debt collection request form.

Processing of Claims:
Once we receive your request, we will immediately process all information into our computer system and allocate our credit recovery specialist to handle your case. Our staff will contact you for additional information or instructions if necessary.

Contact With the Debtor: Within 24 hours upon engaging our services, we will send a ‘letter of demand’ to the debtor. After 7 days, we shall attempt to contact the debtor by telephone. This will be done tactfully and professionally to maintain the goodwill between the creditor and the debtor.

Our follow up: If payment is not received and an effective schedule to settle the debt cannot be arranged, our credit recovery specialist will visit the debtors’ premises to gauge his/her ability to settle the debt. Firm direct actions to demand for the money
owed will be applied if needed. For some situations, legal interventions would be recommended.

Meanwhile, the client shall be given frequent reports and updates on the progress, development and status of the debtors account.

Benefits of Outsourced Debt Collection:

  • Consistent and prompt communication with customers.
  • Expansion without need to hire, train and manage account receivables and collection staff.
  • Reduction in operating costs.
  • Fewer past-due customers.
  • Increased cash-flow.
  • Lower Day Sales Outstanding (DSO)


Are you tired of empty payment promises and lengthy legal proceedings that often lead to little, why not consider contacting us for a non-obligatory consultation today?

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